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Knowledge of product applications and safety doesn’t happen all by itself. It takes smart preparation, quality equipment and a well-trained workforce. At CanSafe we’re dedicated to helping you build a Culture of Knowledge with comprehensive information that leverages best practices and is tailored to the needs of your workforce. CanSafe support offers on-site programs, online resources and certified training centers for hands-on experience. Because when you educate workers for product applications and safety, they make better choices on their own. Let CanSafe help you build an enduring Culture of Knowledge today.

Hand Protection

Your hands are superbly designed tools of amazing strength and dexterity. They can pinch, grasp, twist, lift, hold and manipulate while doing a wide variety of other specific tasks, and it is important to keep them protected.

Emergency Showers and Eyewash Stations

If you work with or near hazardous chemicals, you should know the appropriate safety precautions to take to work safely and avoid injury. However, accidents can happen – and when a corrosive chemical gets into your eyes or on your face or body – the first few seconds are the most critical for preventing injury. 

Eye Protection

Sight is our most precious sense. A large part of our ability to perceive the world around us depends on it. However, our eyes are very delicate organs and can be damaged easily. It is important to protect your eyes by wearing protective eyewear suited to the job, process or procedure.


Each type of mask is designed for a specific purpose. Respirators such as N95 will protect against exposure to airborne particles, including viruses. Surgical masks are a barrier to spreading droplets and spit. Non-medical masks help limit the spread of droplets and spit when you sneeze or cough. 

Food Service & Food Processing

Meeting safety requirements has always been an essential part of food services and food processing. These product sheets are for anyone who works in food preparation and food service organizations to help select essential PPE.

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